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Hospital Analytics No. of Records
Diagnosis Outpatient ICD 10,238,740
Diagnosis Inpatient DRG Including Secondary 2,694,255
Procedures Inpatient ICD 29,31,106
Procedures Outpatient HCPCS CPT 53,67,054
Technology 2,49,172
  • 900+ specialties and titles
  • 412k+ global contacts
  • 4.6M+ healthcare B2B records
  • 90% Deliverability Guaranteed

The healthcare industry is worth $10 trillion and is predicted to expand at a rate of 5.4 percent each year. The increased use of personalised medicine, the increased deployment of exponential technology, and the need for custom models are all having an impact on how the healthcare system works.

To scale business efficiency in such a dynamic healthcare setting, having the right data as the cornerstone of your success is critical. Advig Data's Healthcare Data portal enables you to collaborate and interact with top healthcare professionals from around the world. Access 26+ million healthcare contact records that have been multi-source checked to ensure multi-channel campaign effectiveness.

Precision Target Your Healthcare Campaigns

Our Healthcare contact data assists you in reaching the appropriate healthcare buyers at the appropriate time. Find information on more than 110+ intelligence areas, such as social profile, geographic area, medical practise, subspecialties, and more. Increase the productivity of the campaigns with 90 % deliverability, which no other company in the industry has.

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Accurate, Verified, Easy to Access Healthcare Data

Each record in our healthcare registry is subjected to a thorough 10-step data verification process to ensure that each communication is a possible lead. Whatever the need or nature of your healthcare campaign, we have the data to back it up. Connect with Top Healthcare Decision Makers and all the niche profiles that can have a massive impact on your business's growth. Now is the time to fill the sales funnel with appropriate and easily convertible healthcare leads.