Scale Your Business to the Next Level with Data Profiling

Yes, data is the fundamental cornerstone of your business but what beyond that. There are no two ways about this; data is must for any organization today, whether it's a multi-national enterprise or a start-up, it's the basic premise to get customer communications going.

You might argue that you have the best data repository in the world, that you carry out multichannel campaigns on a monthly basis that generate a steady stream of leads, so why think about something else?

Although a healthy and active dataset will yield impressive campaign ROI, data profiling ensures that your findings are multiplied well ahead of your competitors.

What is Data Profiling?

Data profiling is the process of enhancing the value of your current datasets by incorporating detailed, end-to-end data intelligence fields into and of your core market verticals. It includes information on the company's past, market focus, key events, principles, financial results, and much more. Imagine what you would do as a marketer with this knowledge to strategize your multi-channel strategies and bring value to your consumers as a true business partner for a shared win-win situation.

The Importance of Data Profiling

A consumer can make a transaction in a fraction of a second or even less. In today's hyper-competitive consumer-driven era, the more customer data you have, the better your chances of gaining a competitive advantage. It's critical to provide consumers with exactly what they need, and data alone won't get you there. To maintain and acquire high-profile clients, you'll need intelligent data that can help you classify consumer segments based on their demographic, behavioural, and firmographic characteristics. AtAdvigData, we will assist you in identifying new consumer characteristics and behaviour trends, as well as mapping the ideal new business markets to help you increase your company's ROI. We will assist you in locating potential customers and expanding your business markets based on the results of consumer profiling. You will discover buying patterns, industry trends, and much more using useful customer profiling software.

Our 3 Step Process for Data Profiling

1. Assess Data Quality

There's no way to stop the rapid data decay; contact data changes every hour, and the only way to fix this is with a qualitative evaluation. We use an automated method to cleanse and classify the quality of your data on a regular basis to ensure that it is current, valid, reliable, and, most importantly, actionable.

2. Enrich Data with Active Information

To ensure optimum multi-channel use and performance, we cleanse and optimise your data repository with the correct and accurate information. We examine the digital behaviour of your core consumer accounts in order to assist you in creating effective and highly customised communications that will have an impact.

3. Analyse Data Structure

After the framework is complete, we apply purpose insights to customer profiles based on a thorough understanding of the detailed structure and other relationship metrics, giving the customer and data profiles more breadth and strength.


How Data Profiling helps you
with Measurable Results

Data Profiling


Let's face it, we all enjoy receiving personalised messages and are likely to read them when our name appears. Even if it isn't an offering that we are considering purchasing, there's a good chance that we can refer the company or the individual who can move quickly on it. Personalization is one of the most effective marketing techniques available today because it solves the key pain points with holistic solutions.