Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

In uncertain economic times, the majority of the retail industry faces challenges.
As a result, a further drop in growth rate, combined with
  a rise in commodity prices, aggravates the situation. Customers and employees
apparently find it difficult to convey the unfriendly prices to retailers.

With so much competition to draw consumers online, retailers
must think of some clever marketing strategies. Customer data
analytics, new technology developments, and social media are among the most in-demand services. We want to provide you with what makes it possible to communicate with customers online. AdvigData has a vast library of marketing and database solutions that have been customised for optimum performance.

AdvigData’s unique CRM and Supply Chain Management systems facilitates you for a long way in –

  • Helping you spot the cost-effective innovation market
  • Holding on to your old and loyal clients
  • Knowing where your supply chain deals are originated
  • Connecting with the biggest spenders on brands
  • Robust database contacts enable you to connect you with your potential audience, reducing costs in advertising
  • Availing fully updated prospect lists fetched from the master DB

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